India urges Pakistan to review its decisions


NEW DELHI, AUG 8 (DNA) . India on Thursday gave its reaction on Pakistan’s decision to downgrade bilateral relations and suspend trade activities.According to Indian officials Pakistan decided to take certain “unilateral” actions in respect to its bilateral relations with India. This includes the downgrading of diplomatic relations. The intention behind these measures is to present an alarming picture to the world of our bilateral ties.The reasons cited by Pakistan are not supported by facts on the ground, the Indian officials claimed.On Kashmir issue the officials said recent decisions by the Government and Parliament of India are driven by a commitment to spur development activities in the area.

“The recent developments pertaining to Article 370 are entirely the internal affair of India”.

The Indian government also urged Pakistan to review its decision announced on August 7, 2019 regarding downgrading of diplomatic ties.

Pakistan on the contrary believes that India violated UN resolutions and human rights of people of occupied Kashmir by changing status of the State.

In that backdrop, the National Security Council of Pakistan decided to downgrade diplomatic ties with India by asking Indian government to withdraw its high commissioner and decided not to send its high commissioner to India.

Similarly the Pakistan government has also halted all sorts of trade activities including the transit trade.=DNA