Istanbul’s new airport: where the world meets



Istanbul Airport, whose first part of first phase is complete, represents the largest infrastructure project of the history of Republic and will break ground in many areas from technology to design and to passenger experience.Istanbul Airport City located at the Istanbul Airport project, is a globally unique urban development project located near the airport within the boundaries of the expropriation area.

Istanbul Airport City; will have surround of green, sustainable design and architecturally rich buildings with hotels, offices, shopping centers, social facilities, hospitals, schools and exhibition facilities.



  • Lending its name to a period in Turkish culture and being an important symbol of grace, elegance and innocence in the Islamic history, tulip is also the source of inspiration for ATC (Air Traffic Control Tower). Mentioned in poems for centuries, tulip is reinterpreted in the Tower of İstanbul Airport with its modern form in the 21st century. The tower has an area of 5,000 square meters and a height of 90 meters. It comprises of two control floors offering a vision of 360 degrees. The uppermost floor was designed for air traffic controllers and the lowermost one for ground traffic controllers. Created by the design group of AECOM and Pininfarina, the Air Traffic Control Tower and Technical Building was awarded with the International Architecture Award 2016 presented by Chicago Athenaeum (the Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Center for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies).

A view of Business Lounge

İstanbul Airport’s Economic Impact:

  • When the Global Growth Scenario (Positive Scenario) is aligned with the İstanbul Airport’s direct, indirect, triggering and accelerating economic impact, it is estimated that employment will rise to 225,000 people and also GDP will be 4.89% by 2025.

Architectural Design:

  • Boasting a unique architectural design that combines forward-looking and functional elements, the İstanbul Airport’s terminal is inspired by the rich cultural heritage of İstanbul. The architectural style of İstanbul Airport’s terminals will reflect the artistic richness of İstanbul’s mosques, baths, domes and many other historic structures. The motives used in Turkish – Islamic art and architecture will add grandeur, texture and depth to the facility’s overall design program.



  • IDC Turkey – Best Cost Efficiency Award 2017
  • The International CSR Excellence Awards – Social Responsibility Award 2017
  • Turkey Bonds and Loans – Transport Finance Deal of the Year 2017
  • 2017 Stevie International Business Awards – Social Responsibility Program of the Year 2017
  • World Architecture Festival (WAF) –Infrastructure Project of the Future Award 2016
  • Chicago Athenaeum InternationalArchitecture Award 2016
  • ISO 14001:EnvironmentManagementSystemDocument 2016
  • Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Association Social Responsibility Award 2016
  • TIER III Certification of Design Document 2017 – Data Center Phase 1
  • SAP TurkeyQualityAwards 2018
  • Turkey Exporters Assembly (TİM)Special Award 2018
  • ENVISION Certification
  • Global Traveler Leisure Lifestyle Awards – Outstanding Innovations / Special Achievement Award 2019



İGA was founded on October 7, 2013 to construct and operate Istanbul Airport for 25 years. The airport is under construction on an area of 76.5 million square meters to the north of Istanbul, 35 km away from the city center. The construction shall be completed in four phases. The first phase was finalized when two runways and a terminal with a passenger capacity of 90 million were commissioned. The airport can host flights to more than 300 destinations with an annual capacity of 200 million passengers.

Phase 1B will be completed beginning of 2020. It includes the completion of the third runway and the opening of the Airport City (Core Zone).Phase 2, which is to be completed by the beginning of 2022, sees the completion of a fourth runway and of a second ATC tower. The East Zone of the Airport City will be completed in this phase. In Phase 3, until the end of 2022, a second terminal building, a fifth runway, a third ATC tower and further supporting facilities will be completed, as well as the T” Zone of the Airport City. At the end of 2028, all phases will be completed. This last Phase 4 includes the completion of a sixth runway and of a satellite terminal.

Providing service in Istanbul, the intersection of Asia, Europe and the Middle East, the Istanbul Airport serves as one of the world’s most significant aviation hubs at a strategic geographical position connecting continents. In the past decade, the international air transportation sector expanded 5.6% worldwide, while Turkey achieved a growth of 14%. Istanbul, which has become one of the world’s most prominent flight and transfer hubs, has the leading role in these growth figures. According to the data of Turkish Ministry of Culture, in 2017, the number of foreign tourists arriving at Istanbul increased 17.8%, compared to the previous year. In 2018, the same increasing rate seems to be continued; therefore the growth trend is expected to be sustained.


Istanbul: the Fastest Growing Aviation Hub in Europe

According to the report published by Airports Council International Europe (ACI Europe), in February 2018, Istanbul Atatürk Airport was among the top 5 airports that increased its number of passengers in Europe with a rate of 17.7%. The second position among the Group 1 category airports in terms of the highest increase in passenger traffic was secured by Sabiha Gökçen, following Istanbul Atatürk, with an increase of 15.5%.

According to the 2018 Airport Industry Connectivity Report of ACI, Istanbul Atatürk Airport ranked the 5th among the European airports in terms of direct connectivity and flight volume. Furthermore, the report in question lists Atatürk Airport in the 4th position among both the top performers in direct connectivity and in terms of the best hub connectivity in Europe over the last decade.

Today, the Istanbul Airport launches flights to a total of 146 destinations at various continents within 3 hours connecting 120+ countries, 60+ capital cities, 250+ international and 50 domestic destinations. When the airport is put into operation in full capacity, the number of flight destinations will exceed 350.

Unifree Duty free

The Duty Free was established with TRY 1.2 billion investment in total, half of which is covered through equity capital, and created employment for approximately 3,000 people. The zone also offers 100,000 m² rental area and duty free is laid out over an area of 53,000 m² at the airport. Majority of the stores under the responsibility of UnifreeDutyfree is operated by UnifreeDutyfreeİşletmeciliği A.Ş., while the rest is operated by sub-establishments to which the space is rented.

The design of Duty Free zone was inspired by the Bosphorus. The zone has 7 different sections, with the size of 9 football field side by side, consisting of the “Fashion Garden”, “Family Palace”, “High&Lux Hills: Fashion”, “High&Lux Hills: Jewelry and Watch”, “High&Lux Hills: Fashion and Accessories”, “Style Beach” and “Icon Gulf”. Each section welcomes passengers with concept-related selective domestic and international brands offering rich variety of products. The domestic and national brands have a significant place in this project.


Products from world-renowned brands just for Istanbul Airport

Right after the international passport control, passengers will meet Bottega Veneta, Bulgari, Celine, Christian Dior, Emporio Armani, Fendi, Ferragamo, Gucci, Hermes, LoroPiana, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Saint Laurent Paris, brands that signify luxury across the globe.

In addition, Turkey’s pride brands D&R, Desa, Vakko, Mavi, Atasay, Zen Pırlanta, Yargıcı, Saat&Saat, Rue, Damat&Tween, D’s Damat, Luzdemia, Tamer Tanca and TNC Butik, Emnana, Guard Leather, İpekyol, Machka, US Polo, Pierre Cardin, Cacharel, Dogo, Lambend, Brandy’s and Penti will take their places in this giant project.

Unifree will re-define Duty Free shopping

Through the pre-order system that is to be commissioned soon, the orders passengers make online prior to their travels will await them at the store in Istanbul Airport. In addition, tablets to be put in certain lounge areas will enable passengers to make orders over the pre-order system and connect to their personal VIP sales representatives. The interactive area to be provided within the store through digital applications where passengers can try on makeup and cosmetic products both physically and via AR (Augmented Reality), a special selfie point where they can take pictures at a studio quality and aesthetics and share the photograph on social media, and mirror screens will differentiate the shopping experience at the airport. Far from the traditional Duty Free store tradition, UnifreeDutyfree offers customers an unforgettable and extraordinary shopping experience. As was the case in the opening, special launches will be carried out in their stores for the first time in the world.

iGA PASS, the special passenger program by iGA

Istanbul Airport, which will take Turkey to the top of the aviation industry, continues working at full speed to carry the passenger experience to the new heights. iGA has launched their “iGA PASS” membership program, which allows passengers to receive exclusive services at Istanbul Airport.

At Istanbul Airport, was started to operate at full capacity, iGA has launched a new membership program to offer their passengers an exclusive, comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. The membership program called iGA PASS was introduced at Istanbul Airport.

Considering every group, such as families with children, business people, and passengers going on vacation, iGA offers 3 different services with the iGA PASS membership program. The membership program offers the following services: Lounge, Buggy (Mini Golf Vehicle), Fast Track, Priority Check-in, Car Park, Valet, and Intercity Transfer.

Unlike the traditional airport service concept, one of the most important service privileges of the iGA PASS program aiming to provide the maximum quality comfort is the iGA Lounge. iGA Lounge is available 24 hours a day, providing a space of 4 thousand 420 square meters and a seating capacity of 584 people for passengers waiting for their flight at the airport.

Guests using the iGA Lounge for business purposes work with fully equipped computers while all their business-related needs are met in this area with 2 meeting rooms with smart boards and 4 quiet rooms ready to use.

In addition, passengers could be pre-order the products they want from Duty Free using the screens in the iGA Lounge and purchase the products they ordered by visiting the closest Duty Free area.

Aware of the importance of time in today’s world, iGA is launching a fast track system in order to leave more time to passengers for themselves. At Istanbul Airport, where a total of 12 fast track points exist including domestic flights, international flights, arrivals and departures, iGA PASS owners will always be ahead thanks to the Fast Track service.

Memberships are categorized in 3 different segments as iGA PASS Plus (299 Euros), iGA Pass Extra (399 Euros) and iGA PASS Premium (799 Euros), considering various passenger profiles, and they can be purchased annually. iGA PASS is designed as a completely digital application, and the only thing to do for purchase is to download the Istanbul Airport application (via Google Play and App Store).

About Istanbul Airport Application

Istanbul Airport guides you with its mobile application even before you leave your house. Once you download it into your smart phone, the Istanbul Airport application will guide you until you reach the plane gate and allows you to experience the time you spend during your travel with better quality. Developed to ensure that you have an enjoyable and stress-free travel, the Istanbul Airport mobile application helps you have an easy flight and spend your time in a more efficient manner as you wish.  Everything about Istanbul Airport is on the “Istanbul Airport” application…