Pak Embassy in Greece provides relief to stranded Pakistanis


ATHENS, AUG 01 (DNA) – The embassy of Greece has unfurled a summary of the present Govt’s efforts to ameliorate conditions of Overseas Pakistani citizens and prisoners in Greece.According to details 28 consular visits have been conducted by Embassy in the last 8 months, 19 prisons/ detention centers, visited by Officers, 305 prisoners & 810 detainees met / grievances heard & relief granted, minors’ camps, with 91 minors met, grievances addressed, relief & sports goods distributed.


In addition to this 1200 plus prisoners were provided relief goods and 500 plus Emergency Travel Documents issued for deportation of prisoners/detainees after release.


Similarly 8 hospitals were visited to assist Pakistani citizens / detainees/ deportees, Special Ramzan relief package for prisoners/detainees provided , Eid visits / gifts distributed among prisoners, Emergency helpline established for prisoners & calling cards distributed, 100+ meetings held with numerous high-level Greek Officers (including Police), social workers, INGOs/NGOs, prison doctors & teachers, to ensure welfare of prisoners, 50+ Pakistani citizens assisted in getting legal papers and thousands of disputes, emergency matters, consular cases were resolved.


Moreover, numerous stranded Pakistani tourists at Greek airports were helped; abducted Pakistani citizens released; secured release of numerous detainees and strict action against human smuggling/ organized criminal networks was taken.=DNA