Chinese diplomat takes Lal Topi wala to task


ISLAMABAD: Deputy Chief of Mission in Chinese Embassy in Pakistan Lijian Zhao on Monday took to task self-proclaimed war veteran and analyst Zaid Hamid alias ‘Lal Topi Wala’ (red capped) for commenting on China’s internal issues.Replying to Zaid Hamid, the Chinese diplomat said: “A person who doesn’t know ABC about China. Do some homework before you write about my country.”

This message further flared the self-proclaimed analyst and he further commented against China and the deputy head of mission.

To this Lijian Zhao said: “Not only western propaganda sabotaging relations between China & Muslim countries. Here’s one in Pakistan. Homework: There’s no ‘East Turkistan’. Only terrorists & their sympathisers call Xinjiang ‘East Turkistan’. Education & training centers are schools to counter terrorism.”

Courtesy The News, July 30, 2019