Nazish Jahangir responds to alleged affair with Mohsin Abbas Haider


KARACHI:  (DNA) – The wife of actor-singer Mohsin Abbas Haider, Fatema Sohail, recently came forward to accuse her husband of cheating on her with emerging artist Nazish Jahangir. According to Fatema, she was beaten by the Baaji star upon confronting him about the same.In her Facebook post, Fatema revealed that she was pregnant at the time and also shared pictures of her bruises as proof of physical abuse by Mohsin.

On Sunday night, Nazish released a statement on Instagram to address the matter.

She wrote, “Whatever’s true will come out as it is, eventually. Fatima has used a line on me without any evidence that I was sleeping with her husband and all of you accused me of being a home wrecker. Use your senses, if she had any evidence, she would have posted that too like she did of her husband abusing her.

Fatima Sohail was on call with me before her delivery and I congratulated her as well. At that time, Mohsin was doing some shoot in Karachi while I was in Islamabad. But, anyway, if she is a victim of domestic abuse, then I have sympathy for her but I would like to announce that I am not the reason behind their marital issues.”

The model-turned-actor went to say, “Only Mohsin Abbas Haider himself can explain why my name was dragged in all of this, that too without any valid evidence that ruined my image in front of all the media. I am still in a state of shock as I am not that person who would ever talk on anyone’s character. For me, this is a very shameful act. I would like to say that only she didn’t suffer from all of this but victimised me as well just for the sake of their personal grudges and that has effected me mentally.”

In another post, Nazish said, “Fatima used to talk to me herself. She even used to discuss her personal life regarding her marriage. Fatima used to call me during her pregnancy even. Why would she talk to me or call me if I was sleeping with her husband?

I can raise so many questions in my defense but that’s not who I am. For me, this whole thing is very disturbing so I won’t talk much on this topic. Mohsin Abbas Haider is a very good friend to me and so was his wife. I have no idea what happened that she involved me in all of this and accused me for things I could never even imagine.”