International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan starts enrollment process



TASHKENT, JUL 15 (DNA) –The International Islamic Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan has announced (from 15th of June) the opening of the enrollment to the International Islamic Academy for the academic years 2019-2020 for foreign citizens in the following Bachelor Programs.The foreign applicants shall not pass the entrance exams and they will be admitted, based on the interviews. According to the wishes of students they can study in Uzbek and Russian languages. They will be taught by the professional teachers of the religious and social subjects.

The academy presents the following specilaities and directions:

Undergraduate level-4 years:

Economy of foreign countries and country studies (Muslim countries);

International relations;

Tourism (pilgrim tourism);

Islamic Studies (Koran Studies, Hadith Studies, Islamic Law, Aqeedah and Sufism, History and source study of Islam);

Religion Studies;

Psychology (Sociopsychology of Religion);

Philology and languages study (Arabic language).


Currently, the citizens of the Russian Federation, Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan study at the international Islamic academy. Albir Krganov the Mufti of the Russian Muslims religious Council was admitted (in the year of 2019) to the Doctor’s Degree –Post-graduate level.


In order to simplify the process of enrollment to the academy this year there are provided the conveniencies for the foreign citizens, the documents shall be forwarded through the electronic e-mails:  and through the phone number +998907888745 via (Telegram ва WhatsApp). Therefore, it is provided the opportunity for the foreign citizens to select the appropriate amount (tuition fee) of the academic contract.


The obtaining of visa and the process of visa issuance for the foreign students of the Academy will be carried out with a direct assistance of the International Department specialists.


For enquiries (for English speakers)+998712449593.=DNA