FBR to collect bank accounts data for action against tax evaders


ISLAMABAD (DNA) – In its latest move to catch tax evaders, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has issued strict directives to the concerned departments for collecting all the relevant information about wealthy tax evaders.Specifically, the data of account holders with deposits of Rs500,000 or more [in their bank accounts] will be examined, and a stern action will be taken against those account holders who have not filed their tax returns despite of having the same amount in their accounts.

Moreover, an investigation will be done if any account holder is found to have Rs500,000 or more in his/her account(s) for a period of one year.

Besides, electricity distribution companies are asked to provide data of industrial and commercial consumers.

Information about all owner/tenants living in two-kanal or bigger houses will be obtained and the data of individuals owing luxury vehicles of 2,400CC or more will also be scrutinised.

Furthermore, NADRA and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) will provide data of individuals travelling abroad at least three times a year for scrutiny.