Iftar on the road: Indonesian students serve iftar meals  


ISLAMABAD, JUNE 03(DNA)-In celebration and observance of the holy month of Ramadan, Indonesian and Thai students of the International Islamic University jointly organized an Iftar meals program in Islamabad on Monday.

Under the “Iftar on the road” program about 1000 meal packs were prepared by the students and were served at five different locations in Islamabad.

The initiative was supported by the Indonesia Embassy with the view to promote the Islamic brotherhood and human fraternity.

Indonesian Ambassador Iwan S. Amri, his spouse Rita Berlinia Amri and ladies from the Indonesian Women Association also attended the iftar meal program at the Aabpara location.

Speaking on the occasion, the Ambassador said that Ramadan is a month of self-introspection and restraint and it essentially highlights the importance of sharing and helping our less fortunate fellow human beings. He said that Iftar meals bring people together and promote coherence between different segments of the society.

The Envoy said that Indonesia with approximately 270 million Muslims has the largest Muslim population in the world.

ISLAMABAD, JUNE 3: Spouse of Ambassador of Indonesia Iwan S Amri distributing
iftar packs among needy people at Aabpara Chowk on Monday . DNA PHOTO

He informed that In Indonesia Ramadan is welcomed by parades and people visit and clean cemeteries and pray for their deceased family members. He said that there are lot of festivities and great religious enthusiasm in Indonesia during Ramadan and throughout the month community based iftar meals are enjoyed and shared together with families, friends and the poor.

At the stalls of the “Iftar on the road” the students assisted by the members of the Indonesian Women Association distributed the meal packs among the people from different walks life that comprised of dates, water, and chicken pulao.=DNA