Pakistan relaxes visa regime for 48 countries


ISLAMABAD, APR 27 (DNA) – Pakistan on Saturday announced to have relaxed visa regime for 48 countries.Out of these 48 countries all nationals of five countries will visit Pakistan without any visa. These countries include Nepal, Maldives, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago and Western Samoe.


While citizens of 12 countries holding diplomatic passports shall be able to visit Pakistan without any visa.

Similarly, citizens of 31 countries holding diplomatic and official passports shall get a visa free entry in Pakistan.

The Pakistan government has taken this step to promote tourism in Pakistan however it is interesting to note that how tourism can be promoted when ordinary citizens have not been allowed to have visa free entry.

Out of five countries that have been granted visa free entry only Maldives and Nepal are well know countries while Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago and Western Samoe are less know countries and perhaps nobody would be interested to visit Pakistan all the way from a far off continent.

Analysts believe, this visa regime may not help government achieve desired results. It can only be beneficial when ordinary citizens are allowed visa relaxation, they opined.=DNA