Operational plan for month of Ramazan announced


‎‏RIYADH, APR 25 (DNA) – The President of the Presidency for the Affairs of the Holy Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque Sheikh Dr. Abdurrahman bin Abdulaziz Al-Sudais announced  today the operational plan for the Holy Month of Ramadan which included 10 main areas to enhance the work during the month of Ramadan among The main focuses lays on the guidance and the scholarly axe which is concerned with the preparation and coordination of the academic studies, and also guiding the visitors of the Holy Mosque.

Sheikh Al-Sudais confirmed that the operational plan focuses on development, renewal, and the coverage of the services with paying close attention to the standards and the indicator factors to enhance the strength via cyclical, seasonal, and field working, and showing these kind of services through the media and the social media to carry the message of the two Holy Mosques to the world.

‎‏According to him the area of the field services is considered a major one because it will focus on serving the visitors and the performers of umrah directly.

The General Presidency will provide 10,225 wheelchairs and 1500 electric wheelchairs beside providing 110,000 Iftar Saem’m meals Daily at the piazza of the harm .

there is about 210 doors ready for service in the haram . There’s about 25,000 containers of  zamzam ready.

there  is about 34,591  new carpets  for prayer. There is  Also 1500 permits have been given for Iftar Saen’m meals inside the haram.

There is more than one side to the plan and they are engineering cultural informative social workforces and development observation. The plan will be implemented by 14 departments and they are guiding and directing ‘religious knowledge and affairs ‘information technology ‘Field supervision’ safety and security and crowd control’ social services  king Abdulaziz Center for Kiswa public relations ‘ and women services.

The woman services department is working on reaching high standards in services and to listen to the complains and suggestions of women  lately They appointed dr.Fatima Zaid Al rashd as a manager assistant of the department. There is about 1200 employee that are working on achieving the  plan this number includes official employees and temporary employees that  work on cleaning and maintenance. The tow holy mosques is seeing an increase in numbers of visitors during The month of Ramadan . The presidency of the two holy mosques is given its best effort in  serving the hujjaj.=DNA