Electricity shortfall surpasses 2500MW


LAHORE (DNA) – With the arrival of summer in the country, the electricity shortfall has surpassed 2500 megawatts and power outages of three to seven hours are started, Dunya News reported on Sunday.According to sources, the power consumption has reached 16000 megawatts whereas the production is only 13500 megawatts.Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) is facing shortage of 490 megawatts. The LESCO is conducting loadshedding on the basis of the line losses and the electricity theft from its 1775 feeders.It has been learnt that three-hour power outages are being held from 1241 feeders with 10 percent line losses, five-hour loadshedding from 430 feeders with 30 percent line losses, six-hour outages from 74 feeders with 40 percent lines losses and seven-hour loadshedding from 20 feeders with 60 percent line losses.On the other hand, the officials have said the power production will gradually increase as water levels increase in dams after melting of snow due to high temperature.