Sindh deserves to be the most prosperous province of Pakistan: PM


KARACHI, MAR 30  (DNA) – Addressing a public meeting in Ghotki, the Prime Minister Imran Khan said corruption makes a nation poor and under debt.He said Pakistan was on a fast development track in 1960s and it was an example for countries in the region and beyond. However, its speed was broken by corruption and malpractices.The Prime Minister said Sindh deserves to be the most prosperous province of Pakistan as it is blessed with financial capital of Pakistan Karachi, the most gas produced and a fertile land. But the sheer level of poverty in interior Sindh is due to corruption.

He said Ghotki produces seventy percent of Sindh gas but it has lagged behind in development. He said Sindh received a royalty of 234 billion rupees in the last 10 years but it does not reflect in the development of the province.

The Prime Minister said when the corrupt elements are held accountable, they start making noise that democracy is in danger. He vowed the commitment of government not to spare any corrupt element.

Earlier, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi in his address said Prime Minister Imran Khan has founded a party that is a symbol of federation. He said only PTI has the ability to take the country out of challenges. He said he joined the party nine years ago to struggle alongside Imran Khan to bring about a Naya Pakistan. Shah Mehmood Qureshi urged the aware residents of Sindh to find a new way for their future.