Pakistan condemns drone attack in Saudi Arabia


(DNA) –  Pakistan on Sunday condemned the drone attack by Yemen’s Houthis on Saudi Arabia’s Abha city on Saturday, and complimented the Kingdom’s armed forces for timely intercepting and destroying the drone.According to a press release issued by the Foreign Office (FO) in Islamabad, Pakistan reiterates its full support and solidarity with leadership, Government and people of Saudi Arabia against any threats to its territorial integrity and Harmain Shareefain.The spokesperson for the Saudi Directorate of Civil Defense in Asir Region, Colonel Mohammed Al-Assami, said the fall of the fragments of the drone injured four Saudi nationals, including a woman, and an Indian national. Six vehicles and a number of houses were damaged in the attack, it was reported.It termed such attacks, targeting the unarmed civilian population, as ‘a clear violation of international law, which pose a serious challenge to regional peace and security.The FO statement read that ‘we condemn them in the strongest terms and stand in solidarity with the Saudi government in fighting terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.’For nearly four years, Yemen Houthi rebels have been locked in a war with a regional pro-government alliance led by Riyadh. The conflict has triggered what the UN calls the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, with millions of people at risk of starvation.