‘Ceasefire’ between sisters in law for PSL 4


(DNA) – Pakistan Super League s fourth edition has not only been able to bring the cricket fervor back to Pakistani soil but the cricket frenzy has also united families across the country.International cricketers making way to Pakistan has brought a sense of hope to cricket deprived nation who are in love with the gentlemen’s game in all formats.PSL4 fever has gripped the young n old alike and a sense of oneness and unity has brought smiles across the country.Sisters in law are known universally to have a tiff here and there; making each other’s lives miserable is a done deal when it comes to the family stand-ups.But PSL 4 has been magical in this front and the hardest existing relation has been able to accord a ten day cease fire for the big tournament.Yes Sir! An amazing family from Quetta was spotted in Karachi and the sister’s in law were seen cheerful and ecstatic enjoying the arrangements and the match.The reporter encountered the interesting family and grilled the two sisters for how on earth have they defied the quintessential behavior that is expected from them.The sisters in unison declared that they’ve buried the hatchet for some time, as this event was far more important and their squabbles can wait a while.When the reporter asked the two exemplary women about their spats they said‘We are supporting Islamabad United because of Shadab Khan and though we fight with each other at home, we’ve decided to be cordial for this event for whole 10 days.’