PM Imran announces ‘health package’ for Tharparkar


THARPARKAR: (DNA) – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday announced a massive health package for the residents of Tharparkar under the ‘Insaf Health Card’ scheme, which is expected to benefit 112,000 families.Addressing a public gathering in Chachro, PM Imran said he chose Tharparkar for his visit as it is the least developed area of the country.“The government is introducing the Sehat Insaf Card through which Rs720,000 will be made available per family.”

Addressing the crowd, the premier said that while in India, minorities are being subjected to exploitation and discrimination, the Pakistani government is providing all facilities to minorities communities, particularly Hindus.

“The government is working to alleviate poverty from the country,” he added while announcing 100 reverse osmosis plants in Thar.

PM Khan said, “The government is also working to provide electricity in Thar using solar power.”

Earlier at the event, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi reiterated that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) would fulfil its election promises.

He added that poverty alleviation was the government top priority.

“Pakistan stands united as a nation. We exercised retrained in response to Indian aggression and our brave forces thwart enemies’ plans,” Qureshi said while commenting on escalating Pak-Indian hostility in the south Asian region.

The foreign minister added, “The people of Pakistan know how to defend their motherland. Today’s Pakistan is not that of 1971 but a changed Pakistan led by Prime Minister Imran Khan.”

He also stressed that Pakistan wants peace and stability in neighbouring Afghanistan.