Peshawar BRT project started to crumble before its completion


PESHAWAR, JAN 12 (DNA):  Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project has been left in a dilapidated condition well before its completion as cracks in walls of its bridges could be observed near several underpasses due to substandard material, improper maintenance and poor feasibility study of the project.

Reportedly, cost of the project started in October 2017 was evaluated at Rs 49 billion with a timeline of 6 months, however, the cost has escalated to Rs70 billion with a delay of 6 months.

Meanwhile, residents of the area fear that the structure might crumble and termed the delay and poor management of the project “failure of the government”, and urged the concerned authorities to take notice of the matter on the priority basis.

BRT-Reach 3 Project Engineer expressed his views, and said that the cracks appeared due to change of climate and as the project would proceed, the cracks would be fixed.=DNA