Dr Asad Majeed Khan presents credentials to US President Donald Trump


WASHINGTON, (DNA) – Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Dr Asad Majeed Khan presented his credentials to President Donald Trump in a ceremony held at the White House on Friday.On the occasion, Ambassador Khan conveyed the greetings by Pakistan’s leadership to President Trump who reciprocated similar sentiments for Prime Minister Imran Khan.

While responding to Trump’s welcome remarks, the ambassador reiterated the intent to work tirelessly to enhance mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries.

The US president said that he wants to explore opportunities for the two countries to work closely together and renew their partnership.

On Friday, President Trump called Pakistani ‘people from the Middle East’ in his argument to build a wall along with his country’s Mexican border and step up the ante in a drawn-out battle with Congress over the release of funds amid a government shutdown.