Morocco launches ALBORAQ High Speed Rail Line


On November 15th, 2018 King Mohammed VI and the French President Emmanuel Macron, inaugurated the high speed rail line from Tangier to Casablanca that will connect the two industrial and commercial hubs together.The construction that started in 2011 is the first of its kind in the continent of Africa andis particularly designed to suit the climate and environment conditions of Morocco while focusing on the reliability, comfort and safety of people.It has the capacity of carrying 533 passengers and will cut the current journey times in half from 4 hours and 45 minutes to 2 hours and 10 minutes. The train will run at the speed of 320 Km / h from Tangier to Kenitra that is 180 km distance, and the rest of 200 km distance at the speed of 160 Km / h.

Currently Morocco’s national railway operator Office National des Chemins de Fer (ONCF) has procured 12 high-speed trains from French rolling stock manufacturer Alstom.

The project will help to increase growth in Tangier as well as provide the opportunity to boost investment in Northern Morocco. Further the project will provide comfort not only to the Moroccans but also help to attract the foreign tourist that will eventually increase tourism.