Dr Shahzad Waseem to become Senator from Punjab


ISLAMABAD, (DNA) – Prime Minister and Chairman PTI Imran Khan has approved nomination of Dr Shahzad Waseem to become Senator from Punjab.Dr. Shahzad Waseem will fight for the coveted slot vacated by Ch. Muhamamad Sarwar who has become Governor of Punjab.

Dr. Shahzad Waseem is currently serving as Imran Khan’s advisor on foreign affairs. He is also part of PTI high powered media committee.

Dr. Shahzad Waseem has served as Senator before. He is also former State Minister for Interior.

Dr. Shahzad has been working closely with the Chairman PTI Imran Khan ever since joining the party.

As Advisor on Foreign Affairs, he has been giving his valuable  input to the PTI chairman on matters relating to foreing affairs and media also.

Political analysts believe, Dr. Shahzad may be a potential candidate for a Ministry after he becomes the Senator, because he has experience and adequate know-how to run a ministry.

Analysts say, Dr. Shahzad can be very productive and helpful because after being associated with the Chairman PTI for a  long time, he is very well conversant with the PTI philosophy and manifesto. =DNA