‘Dhuwan’ fame actor Ashir Azeem is now a ‘proud’ truck driver in Canada


Famed for his popular 1994 drama ‘Dhuwan’ that audience still cherish, Ashir Azeem is living a different life altogether, and to your surprise, he is no more affiliated with the showbiz world to make his ends meet.In a recent social media post, Azeem apprised that he has left Pakistan because ‘he was disappointed.’

Dhuwan Ashir Azeem truck driver

Dhuwan Ashir Azeem truck driver

In his actual words: “I left the country coz I got disappointed. Not with Sharifs or Zardaris, yeh to hamesha Esay hi thay, but with the people. Log asool ki baat nahin karte, asool pe nahin larte, asool par hanste hain. They will always hv Sharifs n Zardaris n Raos only names will change.”

And somebody also asked him to verify a social media post claiming him to be a truck driver in Canada. The actor didn’t feel hesitant to make his new occupation a secret. “I drive a truck in Canada and I am proud of it,” he said in response to the user.

PTV drama serial Dhuwan was aired in 1994 and it had virtually become a household item then. Written by Ashir Azeem and directed by Sajjad Ahmed, it was an action-packed story of five friends who join to form a crack team of police commandos tackling criminal activities as vigilantes in Quetta.

Azeem wrote the script for Dhuwan during his time at the Civil Services Academy where he met several police personnel. Being inexperienced at writing scripts for television, Azeem initially wrote the story in the form of a novel and later developed it into a formal script on the advice of a television executive. It is believed that the drama’s popularity even compelled the Pakistani youth to join up with the police in serving the country.

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