July started with a down inflation trend by 0.06%


ISLAMABAD: (DNA) –  Just before general elections of 2018, July showed downward trend in inflation by 0.06% comparatively to previous period.According to data revealed by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) on Friday, the Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) for various income faction the points recorded were   230.11 points compared to 230.25 points of previous week.

This month last year, the SPI for the collective group showed rise of 4.64 percent.

The weekly SPI addressed the results with bottom 2007, 2008=100, covering 17 urban centers and 53 essential items for every income cluster.

The SPI for the lowest level of income up to Rs 8,000 also showed decline by 0.23 percent, from 216.83 points to 216.33 points in the week under assessment.

Comparatively last week, the SPI for the income faction starting from Rs 8001 to 12,000, Rs 12,001 to 18,000, Rs 18,001 to 35,000 and above Rs35,000 diminished by 0.23%, 0.22%, 0.16% and 0.13% respectively.

The reviewed week showed the price decline of 6 items, 23 items augmented with the balance 24 items prices unaffected.

The items, which showed decline in their prices during the week under evaluation, consist of chicken, bananas, tomatoes, onions, garlic and wheat flour.

The items, which recorded amplification in prices are diesel, petrol, potatoes, eggs, kerosene oil, rice, gur, mutton, beef, moong pulse, LPG cylinder, red chili, sugar, georgette, mash pulse, long cloth, gram pulse, vegetable ghee, shirting, mustard oil, masoor pulse and wheat.

The items without any price effect are bread, milk, curd, cooking oil, vegetable ghee, salt, tea, cooked beef, cooked daal, tea, cigarettes, lawn, gents sandal, electricity tariff, gas tariff, firewood, electric bulb, washing soap, match box, telephone local call and bath soap.