11 Super foods to help you give up those sugar cravings


Eating healthier can be difficult when you’ve got sugar cravings you just can’t ignore. Fortunately, there a number of foods that can make the process that much easier.Pack the sweets away and replace them with any or all of these delicious snacks, ingredients, and meals to make your house a home of health.

Sea Salt

The healthier kind of salt, this unrefined variety contains minerals and trace elements to keep your body going. As a seasoning, a pinch of sea salt will bring out the flavors in any dish you add it to, so feel free to use this in smoothies as a sugar substitute.

Coconut oil

If you still prefer the taste of sweetness over-saltiness, then coconut oil is a must-have in your kitchen. The good thing about coconut oil is that it can make you feel full longer, thanks to its ability to slow down the release of glucose into your blood.


This nutrient-packed grain is both a good way to stop your sugar craving in its tracks and add some variety to your diet. Your sugar cravings could be the result of a magnesium deficiency, so load up on some quinoa.
Chia seeds: What makes these tiny seeds so special is their ability to absorb and retain liquid. Adding these seeds to your jams and oats can prevent you from overeating and because they make you feel full much quicker.

Poppy seeds

Zinc deficiency is another possible reason for your sugar cravings. Luckily, poppy seeds are rich with zinc and, like chia seeds and sea salt, can be used with a variety of dishes.

Bee pollen

Similar to honey, bee pollen is another gift from one of nature’s most coveted little helpers. The L-glutamine in this product does what nutritional yeast does, with the wonderful bonus of boosting your immune system.

Ground flaxseeds

The powder form of this beloved seed can deliver a good dose of fiber when consumed. The fiber will make you less likely to reach for a snack while also reducing candida symptoms.


The glutamine found in salmon does a job identical to bee pollen. In addition to reining in those sugary desires, salmon can also lower your risk of heart disease and make your skin look good.


A pungent vegetable that can also be an excellent distraction for your palate. Garlic contains very few calories but is full of nutrients to keep you healthy and happy. Plus, having garlic around means you can load up on healthy garlic breads.