Processes related to presidential election in Azerbaijan under completion


BAKU, MAR 23 (DNA) – The deadline for the publication of the list of registered candidates for the presidential election in Azerbaijan, scheduled for April 11, will expire March 22. According to the calendar of events and main actions for the preparation and holding of the presidential election, the list of registered candidates must be published by the Central Election Commission (CEC) 20 days before the election day, that is, until March 22.

The procedure of clarifying voter lists in polling stations created on the territory of military units, correctional facilities and remand centers will also wrap up March 22.

The organizations willing to carry out “Exit-poll” till March 22 must submit documents to the CEC for accreditation.

Eight candidates were registered to participate in the presidential election in Azerbaijan. Moreover, 115 international observers and over 42,000 local observers will monitor the election.