Migration flows management, a priority of the African, International agenda discussed in Dakhla


DAKHLA, MAR 19 (DNA) – Chaired by Mr. Mohamed Tawfik Mouline, Director General of the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies (Morocco), and moderated by Mrs. Ngo Mang Epesse, President of the Women Environment Covenant, a Session of the Crans Montana Forum on Africa & South-SouthCooperation is held in Dakhla to address the issue of Migration flows management.

Africa is currently experiencing an important evolution in terms of internal Migration.  It is therefore more than ever necessary to coordinate innovative actions at the continent level, notably regarding political development, employment and human rights to implement a true African approach.

The Speakers and participants of this Session are exploring strategies that need to be implemented by African countries at the Continental level to better ensure Migration flows management and concrete actions in favor of Youth to promote self-fulfillment and reduce “Brain Drain”.

The panel of Speakers includes Mr. Ousmane Ngom, Former Minister of Interior of Senegal, Mr. Herman de Croo, Minister of State of Belgium, Mr. Tomas Zdechovsky, Member of the European Parliament, Mrs. Elisabeth Guigou, President of the Anna Lindh Foundation and Former Minister of Justice of France, and Mr. El Arbi Mrabet, Senior Researcher in Public law (Morocco).=DNA