Jamiat-i-Islami urges Ghani to reverse decision over Noor


KABUL, DEC 20 (DNA) – Jamiat-i-Islami political party’s leadership council in a statement urged President Ashraf Ghani to reverse his decision to ‘oust’ Ata Noor as Balkh governor.On Monday, the presidency said that it accepted the resignation of Noor, who is also the executive chief of Jamiat-i-Islami. But Noor and his party condemned the move with Noor saying that his resignation was submitted months ago and was no longer valid.Jamiat council in the statement said that the party had offered reasonable and realistic conditions to the presidency over Noor, but it took ‘animosity’ approach instead of dealing with the issue through negotiation and reasonable solution.

“Based on the National Unity Government agreement, any unilateral decision and without approval of the other party would affect the principle of partnership and remove legitimacy of the government,” the statement said.

“The presidency should be aware that Jamiat-i-Islami is seriously observing all the cases of violation of Unity Government Deal and it is now in a position to firmly defend the Afghan people’s legitimate rights,” it said.

The statement suggested the president took the ‘monpolization of power’ action misusing the presence of international community. It warned that if the president doesn’t reverse the decision, it would resort to any means.=DNA