OGRA takes action against sale of substandard fuel


NOV 16 (DNA) – After receiving several complaints from Honda and other sources, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) had formed a committee to investigate the matter. The committee formed by OGRA has submitted its report on the sale of adulterated and substandard petrol and diesel.Earlier this year, OGRA Chairperson Uzma Adil Khan said, Supplying adulterated or standard petrol and diesel in loose form through mobile units or vehicles to petrol stations or other premises or any equipment (generators) by unauthorised people is clearly an illegal activity. OGRA will soon take action by launching a campaign.

OGRA is planning to take disciplinary action against the oil marketing companies (OMC) which are involved in the sale of substandard oil. The inquiry committee collected various samples from petrol pumps and sent the samples for testing to Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan.

A source from OGRA said that they are planning to suspend the licenses of the OMCs which are involved in sale of substandard oil and they will also impose heavy monetary fines on the parties involved in this.

After the inquiry. which found that most of the oil-refineries are producing petrol of EURO-II quality. it was discovered that new models of vehicles in Pakistan require EURO-III and EURO-IV standards. Using EURO-II in new vehicles does have adverse effects on the mileage of the vehicle, and it slowly damages the engine.

Vital Role of Honda Motors in Exposing the Controversy

Honda Motor Co. had filed a complaint regarding the petrol used in the country to OGRA. Their complaint stated that many oil companies are using a harmful additive in their gasoline products that damages engines. The OMCs are adding magnesium in their oil to increase their RON 92 rating which makes low quality fuel seem like high quality fuel.

Local units of Total Parco and Shell, as well as PSO, have been accused of supplying harmful fuel supplies that can wreak havoc on car engines.

The substandard oil damages car engines, reduce mileage of the vehicle and releases toxic emissions.

The same was also supported by Hascol petroleum which confirmed the reasons behind this and asked OGRA ti set higher standards for oil retail in Pakistan.