Florida: Police claim ‘clown murder’ mystery solved after 27 years


TALLAHASSEE, SEPT 29 (DNA) – Homicide investigators in Florida believe to have solved the 27-year-old bizarre murder case of a young woman shot dead in May of 1990 by a balloon-carrying clown who knocked at her door. Believed to have cracked the cold case, the authorities said on Thursday that the victim Marlene Warren was shot dead by Sheila Keen, who following her affair with Warren’s husband, later became his second wife.

Palm Beach sheriff’s detective Paige McCann has said that Keen, who earlier this week was arrested in Virginia, visited the Warren’s house in Wellington while disguising herself with white paint dressed as a clown.

“The clown had two balloons as well as a bouquet of flowers and went to hand Marlene those items. And as she went to receive those items, she commented: ‘How nice.’ It was at that time the clown pulled out a gun and shot Marlene in the face,” she told the reporters.

Detectives were initially baffled by the bizarre circumstances of the murder, which they confessed terrified them and many residents of Wellington.