10 food items you should not consume on an empty stomach


Waking up early in the morning and starting the day with glass of fresh orange juice or a hot cup of coffee is what we all love to do. However, this is another matter that they gradually turn the digestive system into hotbed of creepy illness, instead making us healthy. These foods are undoubtedly rich of nutrition, but having them on an empty stomach might not be a good idea. Are you wondering why it is so? Here’s why. Raw green veggies are rich in minerals and good for health, but consuming them on an empty stomach leads to abdominal pain and flatulence as the coarse fibre and amino acids present in the green vegetables may harm the stomach lining.

Chillies and even hot spices like pepper irritate the gastric lining of the stomach and lead to gastritis. They damage the mucus membranes of the digestive tract and can cause heart-burn.


Apart from ripe bananas, consuming raw banana on an empty stomach increases the level of magnesium in the blood that may interfere with the normal functioning of the heart.


Yogurt is exceptional among all rest of the food items as it neither cause any harm nor gives any benefit if consumed on an empty stomach. The body is loaded with hydrochloric acid when one gets up early in the morning and the healthy bacteria in the yogurt are most likely to be killed by this acid.

Human pancreas and the liver are two organs which are sluggish in the morning after the night’s rest and consuming dessert or sweets on an empty stomach might increase pressure on the organs. Thus, regular consumption of sugar loaded foods in the morning may further slow down these organs and result in a number of lifestyle diseases.

The caffeine present in it may lead to acidity and it also fuels the secretion of hydrochloric acid that is again harmful for the normal functioning of the digestive system.

They are loaded with fruit acids, and if consumed on an empty stomach they are likely to cause acidity and even lead to gastric ulcers. Also, due to abundance of fibre and fructose they may slow down the digestive system.

In light of recent deaths around world, it was found that when consumed on an empty stomach when the blood sugar levels are low, lychee caused acute illness, sometimes leading to death.

When consumed on an empty stomach, alcohol quickly spreads in the body, dilates the blood vessels and even reaches the brain in no time. This puts pressure on the large organs and also impacts the heart. With food, this spread is comparatively slow and also the excretion is more.

Soft drinks are highly acidic in nature and when they mix with stomach acids, they cause nausea and gas. This may also result in cramp and body pain.=DNA