People of Pakistan still love and admire me: Adnan Sami


LONDON, MAR 27, (DNA) -Renowned singer and musician Adnan Sami gained fame both in India and Pakistan. However; after attaining Indian passport he was greatly criticized in Pakistan. Few days back, he performed at the Wembley arena in London which was attended by huge audience including mayor Sadiq Khan.Adnan Sami said that he has been living in India for the past 18 years and feels much comfortable there.7

“People in India love me a lot. As an artist my work goes everywhere in the world and people like it despite of noticing where I have come from,” he said.

Talking about his Indian nationality and the criticism faced for it he said, “Attaining the nationality was my personal decision and I don’t agree with the objections coming on it. I have the right to reside where I wish to. I will like to live in a place where my talent will flourish.”

“I submitted an application for the renewal of my passport but didn’t received any response. When I inquired about the matter, it was told to me that the passport will not be renewed here,” Adnan explained.

The singer said that when he contacted Indian Ministry of Home Affairs he came to know that he had become stateless. However; the ministry granted him a permanent residence permit.

Adnan pronounced that while reacting to the situation he applied for Indian citizenship and renounce the Pakistani one.

“People instantly jumped to conclusion but did not review the whole situation. People of Pakistan still love me but government’s behaviour was much provocative,” the singer asserted.=DNA