Health, relationships more important for happiness than money: study


BERLIN, (DNA) – Human misery is primarily the outcome of emotional stress, mental and physical illness rather than money problems, a study led by London School of Economics (LSE) researchers stated.The study titled ‘Origin of Happiness’ was led by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s former adviser, Lord Richard Layard. The study suggests that human misery is generally the outcome of failed relationships.

The study found out that despite massive increments in salaries people haven’t been anymore happier than they were during the past 50 years.

If depression and anxiety are the main focus instead of poverty, then misery can be eradicated by 20% as opposed to 5% if done otherwise, it said.

The researchers of the study had studied data gathered from four countries, which included the US and Germany.

The research suggested that the priority of the government’s should be to eradicate mental illnesses by dedicating more finances to it.

“Tackling depression and anxiety would be four times as effective as tackling poverty. It would also pay for itself,” said Layard.

The gist of the report stated that psychological and social aspects are more important for well being of individuals than the income factor.=DNA