NUCON Engineers for cool life style


Trail-blazer “NUCON engineers” is all out to guarantee Building Energy Management System (BEMS) with nature-friendly Heating, Ventilation Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC & R) products invented and manufactured by Carrier and Toshiba enterprises.

By Yasir Habib Khan

In an unsavory situation of frenzy urbanization, energy drought, environmental hazards, infrastructure developments changing cities into jungle of concrete and wayward life style, Pakistan is scrambling to go green, cool and cozy.

Rise of electricity-generated appliances in residential, commercial and industrial sectors sans energy efficient systems and green building technologies has played a perilous role in impairing quality life. Strenuous efforts, though desperately demanded, are not off the charts. People being major stakeholders, most of market players and government have yet to act together to make a turnaround.

Since every cloud has a silver lining, NUCON Engineers comes into play to lay down the foundation of cooler, safer and healthier life complemented by eco-friendly paraphernalia and energy management protocols to help Pakistan offset grim energy crisis and climatic challenges.

In tune with spiral market needs for better livable housing units, commercial and industrial buildings, “ trail-blazer “NUCON Engineers” is all out to guarantee Building Energy Management System (BEMS) with nature-friendly Heating, Ventilation Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC & R) products invented and manufactured by Carrier and Toshiba enterprises.

Despite the fact, country is embattling power deficit, energy appetite appears to grow at 4.3 percent to 6.1 percent annually according to calculation studied under Energy Outlook 2007-22 by Petroleum Institute of Pakistan. On atmospheric scenario, anti-health pollutants in the air have been racked up four times higher than average limit prescribed by international environmental and health organizations.

Under the unwanted circumstances, NUCON Engineers have brought the Carrier and Toshiba HVAC & R products well-known to be environment-loving and energy-efficient which always stay best for all residential and nonresidential structures ensuring comport and luxury at all levels.
In an exclusive interview with two iconic market leaders and NUCON Engineers CEO Mustafa Khalid and CCO Abu Zafar Mahmud made spot-on disclosures about the role of the NUCON Engineers in making a difference. Sensing social and professional responsibilities, CEO Mustafa Khalid longed for building quality life perking up off-the-shelf solutions for a wide range of product areas in HVAC & R.

Abu Zafar Mahmud-COO Nucon Engineers

In a quick reply to a query, he responded being a prolific businessman “whether customers are at home, at work or in the process of commutation, NUCON Engineers stays atop in making them cooler and warmers.”

“We make best use of Building Energy Management systems (BEMS) installing Carrier and Toshiba applications as they help regulate and control around 83 percent of a building’s energy usage.”

With an extensive experience and management of hundreds of buildings in the length and breadth of Pakistan, he asserted that NUCON Engineers always sets in motion Energy Controls Audit (ECA) to detect technical anomaly that may occur over time, to assess building usage behavior and to identify gaps to save maximum energy.

When asked about the higher demand of air conditioners which is putting immense pressure by churning out 100 million tons of CO2 emissions every year in Pakistan, Mr. Mustafa bore the fact that first environment-caring air conditioning system was invented by Sir Willis Carrier in 1902 and the success story has gone on consistently.

Since then, all Carrier products including air conditioners, global chiller range, screw machines, aluminum condenser coil with Aqua Force range, second generation of micro channel coils and others aim to cut down indirect CO2 emissions and save energy at optimum level, he explained. On air side, he added that Carrier was architect of well-customized “Eurovent Certified Air Handling Units for commercial and especially pharma and health care industry to pave way for a hygienic life style. Meanwhile, Toshiba has been raising the bar for competitors by marketing Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) multi split system designed with digitally innovative features for all segments of societies, he claimed.

As per new study from The Freedonia Group Inc., a Cleveland-based market research firm, it is revealed that HVAC equipment demand worldwide is predicted to boom 5.7 percent annually. With major catalysts like spiral growth of housing societies, massive urbanization, mega structures for commercial, semi-commercial and industrial domains, Pakistan also witnesses a promising consumption for HVAC appliances.

CCO NUCON Engineers Abu Zafar Mahmud, who is spotted as game-changer entrepreneur understanding the volatile market trends and technological benchmarks, apprised Centerline Magazine of tangible statistics that HVAC & R products’ market volume in Pakistan ranged between 180-200 million dollars which testify the gradual upswing for heating and air-conditioning appliances in the country. He foresaw a growth of around 12 percent (residential) and 30-40 percent (commercial) per annum.

Mr. Abu Zafar claimed that NUCON Engineers was the first market leader which pro-actively addressed public and private sector concerns in relation to energy efficiency, indoor air quality, green building initiatives and BEMS automation. “We are among the founding members of Pakistan Green Building Council as it toils hard to inculcate the sense of socially responsible, healthy, and prosperous environment that fine tune quality of life,” he mentioned.

In a confident tone, he asserted that NUCON Engineers have executed over 75 percent green projects installing Toshiba and Carrier air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. Two Carrier factories had clinched U. S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating for existing buildings which was the first for HVAC & refrigeration industry worldwide, he added.

“Toshiba and Carrier products in HVAC & R ranges ensure excellence in all their tested applications showcasing comfort, control, accuracy and energy efficiency. We feel proud to be their distinctive distributor in Pakistan,” he declared.

In responding to a question, he lauded Toshiba for securing international fame in designing energy-efficient split and VRF products that functioned on R410A Refrigerant. NUCON Engineers, he said, took pride in introducing “Regin” that ensured one of the broadest range of Building Automation Systems.

“We are rich in technical capabilities and skilled human resources to enforce, regulate, monitor and improve the HVAC & R operationability with after-sale-services to all valued customers across the country. Housed in major cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad with team of professional engineers, technicians and other, we sell peace of mind,” he maintained.

About the future plans, he broke the news that NUCON Engineers intended to build an assembly point in the coming days to further help Pakistan go cool, green and comfy.

Yasir Habib Khan is Centreline Bureau Chief in Lahore