Jean-François Cautain likely to be New EU Ambassador to Pakistan


ISLAMABAD (DNA) Ambassador Jean-Francois Cautain has been tipped as new Ambassador / Head of European Union Delegation to Pakistan. Ambassador Cautain is currently discharging his services as Head of Delegation in Cambodia, reliable sources told DNA and Centreline.

Sources further said Mr. Jean has already served in Pakistan along with his spouse about 10 years ago. He was associated with the non-governmental sector at that time. There are three potential candidates being considered for the slot. Out of these three candidates Greece former Ambassador to Pakistan Petros Mavroides was also a potential candidate and included the list of three probables however recent political changes in Greece changed the scenario.

The EU and Cambodia relationship has developed considerably since early 2000s with the opening of the first Delegation in Phnom Penh. Ambassador Jean was appointed in November 2011 as first resident-Ambassador in the Kingdom. He is a French citizen.

Jean-François Cautain has been serving within European Union institutions since 2001, when, further to his previous long work experience in Afghanistan in cooperation work with aid agencies, he was appointed Head of Operations of the European Commission Delegation to Afghanistan. In the first years after the fall of the Taleban regime, Jean-François Cautain was in charge of implementing the European cooperation programme to Afghanistan.

Following those challenging years in Afghanistan, Jean-François Cautain was appointed Head of Political, Press and Information Section of the EC Delegation to Thailand, from 2005 to 2009. He was in charge of the policy dialogue with the Government of Thailand, and with different stakeholders in Myanmar. He also brought his support and guidance to the policy analysis in regionalised delegations of Cambodia and Laos.

His predecessor Lars Gunnar Wigemark has already left to take his new post in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ambassadors Lars spent and eventful tenure in Pakistan. It was during his tenure that Pakistan was granted GSP plus status, which of course was a landmark move in terms of bilateral relations. DNA