Nato soldiers in Afghanistan have made the world a safer place: Ghani


KABUL: Newly-inaugurated Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Friday set a fresh tone in relations with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) countries that have fought in the country against the Taliban, paying a fulsome tribute to foreign soldiers who died in battle. Ghani, speaking alongside British Prime Minister David Cameron in Kabul, said the Nato soldiers in Afghanistan had made the world a safer place. “I want to say thank you to those families for the loss of their loved ones,” Ghani said. “They stood shoulder-to-shoulder (with Afghan forces) and we will remember them.”

Newly sworn in Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had on October 1 signed the long-delayed security pact allowing American troops to stay in Afghanistan after the end of the year.

Under the terms of the agreement, 12,000 foreign military personnel are expected to stay after 2014 when the combat mission of the US-led North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) force in Afghanistan ends.