How to carry out your property search


You see an ad on the street saying there’s a great 1-kanal plot available in a housing society you really like, and the price isn’t too bad. You get excited at the prospect of owning land in said society and maybe one day building a home for you and your family.
You pick up your phone and dial the number listed on the ad. A nice gentleman on the other end tells you the plot is everything you ever dreamed of. Just by the by, you ask what the plot number is, so maybe you can drive out to the society and check it out. The nice gentleman tells you the plot number.
So next Sunday, you and the wife drive out to the society and manage to track down the plot after an uncomfortable level of effort. It is located deep within the society and down a corner lane. Also, it appears to be triangular in shape, which means that even though the surface area might be 1 kanal, in terms of building room it is effectively a 10-marla plot.
This scenario is an all too common occurrence here in Pakistan, where a few awkward plot cuttings are part and parcel of the newer housing societies. The result is nearly always a waste of time and effort.
But as always, technology has come to the rescue., Pakistan’s leading property portal, features an extensive and still-growing Maps Section with which you can instantly look up society maps around the country. These maps are colour-coded for size and are clearly numbered for convenience. You can easily access these maps on your phone.
This means that the next time you stumble upon a plot, home or a rental listing in a newspaper or elsewhere, you can instantly check the exact location to see if it is something worth visiting in person.
The maps also contain details of the society’s location, so it is easier to determine the whereabouts and the neighbourhood the listing is located in. This means that you will be making a far more informed decision far more conveniently than traditional means of property searching.
With technology at your disposal, it is time to get a leg up in the property game!