Education minister briefed about working of AEPAM


ISLAMABAD, JAN 09 (DNA) -Muhammad Baleegh-ur-Rehman, Minister of State and Ahmad Bakhsh Lehri, Secretary, Ministry of Education, Trainings and Standards in Higher Education visited Academy of Educational Planning and Management (AEPAM) on Thursday. Dr. Allah Bukhsh Malik, DG AEPAM briefed the State Minister about functions and achievements of AEPAM.  He informed that AEPAM was holding three PSDP Projects namely Educational Leadership Institutional Management, Financial Management for Good Governance and Use of Data for Educational Planning and Management by Using Computer Software for Education Managers.

It was also informed that AEPAM has trained 200 Education Managers last year alone besides conducting 365 Research Studies on various policy issues.

The Minister of State was further informed that AEPAM is the only institution which is collecting, collating and disseminating educational data and providing the same to national and international organizations. It was added that AEPAM has prepared National Action Plan with collaboration of provinces to achieve the MDGs.

The State Minister directed that AEPAM should initiate a special study to crosscheck whether provinces were allocating and spending budget on education as was agreed in the National Plan of Action.

 Also, AEPAM was directed to review course-contents of its training modules in close consultation of provinces so that their present needs are fulfilled, properly. He further directed that AEPAM should increase training facilities and make efforts to market its training programs.

He said that AEPAM’s officers should be given opportunities for their capacity building trainings in relevant organizations.

 He stressed that NEMIS data should be up-dated on quarterly basis and AEPAM should establish linkages with other institutions including Universities’ Education Departments and donor agencies should be approached for funding to financial training of low-cost school managers and AEPAM may examine the possibility of training of teachers in pedagogy, as well.=DNA