Kianat Khan; the shinning Tennis star


Kainat khan is a 15 years old student of 10th class in “Jinnah Public School”. Basically, she belongs t0 district “Nowshera””KPK”. I am a tennis player, I started playing at the age of 12 and at the age of 14. I represented Pakistan in “Malaysia” in “junior” Fed Cup Team in Pakistan. I am at “6 rank” and in KPK I am at “1st Rank”.

I am also the author of four books, which are related to “Peace” Their names are:

1)      First Book       [“Kainat and Tennis”]

2)     Second Book  [“Kainat or Aman”]

3)     Third Book     [“Way to Peace”] English

4)     Fourth Book   [“Peace Messages For World Children”] English

[I have also the advantage to write first book on tennis in women in Pakistan]

Now my other 3 nooks project my mission on the importance of peace and is a effort in promoting peace.

My other achievement is that I learnt “Holy Quran” by heart at the age of 11.

After 1 year their come a very bad flood with hit to my own village Nowshera.

When I am about 12 years old in the year “2010”. The  flood was very dangerous it destroy all the things. After some time when I reached my village I saw, all the houses were damage, people were living on roads. I personally participated in rescue activities and distributed food. Cash books, school bags, and toys among them. The effect of participation in these relief activities led me to establishment of Kainat Welfare Organization which I was elected the chair person. I have also the honor of NGO’s all over the world. Till now the NGO helped more than 800 children’s by providing them education. I want to serve Hum. Anity through this NGO.

Now the time has came that the world is facing from lots of destroyness. In this time we have to become peace full.

For carring my peace mission. I am selected the “world peace lecturer”.  I have convey my peace messages in Pakistan. And also coveys to Malaysia Iran form the peace message so they should know: – that

“Pakistan people’s are peace loving peoples”

So Pakistan relation ship become more strong in the future, and their would be peace and strong friend ship between them.

I don’t want to see guns in the hands of but I want to see education and a good sport man.