Pakistan can benefit from Austrian renewable energy expertise


ISLAMABAD, JUNE 11(DNA) –Ambassador of Austria Axel Wech said on Tuesday promotion of cultural as well as trade ties between Austria and Pakistan was his top most priority.Addressing a press conference here at his residence on the occasion of opening of Austria Food Festival in Pakistan, the ambassador said, both countries have maintained friendly and friction free relations over the years.

The Austrians view Pakistan as a large country with incredible potential. Austria has been traditionally extremely strong in high tech fields such as renewable energy, construction, environment technology and security.He further said, Austrian companies based in Pakistan are currently involved in the energy sector, water treatment, construction and plant and mechanical engineering fields. There are also some companies active in the lifestyle and consumer goods sector, he added.

The Ambassador while giving a brief account of trade relations said, trade volume between the two countries has been increasing steadily and has reached a figure of 150 million euros. Austria strongly believes that the potential to further increase the trade volume exists. Austrian companies have been involved in the past with prestigious projects in Pakistan like Tarbela, ghazi Barotha, Steel Mills, Lowari tunnel etc.

Axel Wech further said tourism was one of the largest industries including all the socio economic activities that are directly or indirectly linked with the services provided to tourists. The revenues of this industry have been increasing since the last five decades. That is why tourism has been given much attention as ingredients and tools for economic computers and machines.

Babar Tajjaml, whose name has been proposed for the Hon. Austrian Consul General in Sindh and Balochistan said both Pakistan and Austria enjoy excellent relations. He said Austria produced mastes like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozar composer of operas, piano, concertos, chamber music, symphonies Arnold Schoenber, Second Viennese School, etc.

The common interest of people here in Sufi music and poetry of the Sub continent lives on too, for the last hundreds of years from the likes of Sultan Bahu, Bulleh Shah, bhalib, Ibal as poets and philosophers from this region.

Babar further said, “ I stand com mitted to hold the Austrian Torch in Sind and Baluchistan high and assist all Austria and Pakistan in my humble capacity to strengthening the relationship and trade between Austria and Pakistan.

He congratulated the Austrian embassy for holding Austrian Food Festival and also congratulated the Austrian ambassador and his entire team for having conceived this brilliant idea.

He said this is perhaps the first effort by any foreign mission to support tourism back in Pakistan. He hoped relations between the two countries will get further strength in the coming days. He assured to play his role to further promote these relations. DNA