Ignored Fazl complains to Nawaz


ISLAMABAD – JUI-F chief Fazalur Rahman Thursday expressed his ‘serious reservations’ to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif over PML-N’s presidential nominee Mamnoon Hussain, in a meeting at PM House. The head of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F), which is a partner in ruling coalition, complained that they had not been taken on board on this matter. Had they been consulted on the candidate’s name earlier, they would have presented more worthy options, JUI-F spokesperson Jan Achakzai quoted Fazl as telling Nawaz.
However, Fazl said that he would put the proposal of supporting PML-N candidate to his party and they would soon announce their decision in this regard. Sources said that Nawaz assured Fazal that JUI-F’s grievances would be redressed.
The two leaders also discussed country’s security situation and the proposed anti-terrorism policy. Fazl urged Nawaz to take bold decisions while formulating the policy. He said JUI-F’s stand was clear on talks with the Taliban. He reminded the PM that his party was also a signatory to the last APC held in February 28 under the auspices of JUI-F. “PML-N had then agreed in writing that it will back Jirga effort,” he further reminded the PM. When Nawaz asked Fazl about submission of names for cabinet, the JUI-F leader said that cabinet slots were a secondary issue for his party. He said political and Ideological priorities that have been agreed upon by PML-N will have precedent over cabinet joining.” While congratulating Nawaz on agreements with China, Fazl said that agreements with China will be successful and economic revival possible only if peace is restored.
The JUI-F chief said that Balochistan and KPK governments have failed in meeting people’s expectations. He also observed that there is a need for a new contract in Balochistan as it could not form a cabinet even.”We are important stakeholder holder in Balochistan, the current set up has failed, now we demand a new social contract for the political future of the province”, he added.
During the meeting, the prime minister said all political parties would be contacted to get maximum support for the PML-N nominee in the upcoming presidential contest. He said the president represents the federation and the PML-N had chosen a non-controversial figure from a smaller province for the slot with the objective of strengthening the federation. Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, Ghafoor Haidri and Akram Khan Durrani also attended the meeting.