Army opens war games ‘Azm-i-Nau IV’


SLAMABAD: The Pakistan Army started on Monday war games codenamed Azm-i-Nau (New Resolve) IV to update its readiness strategy for dealing with the complex security threat environment.

“This Army War Game is the culmination of the series of such exercises and aims at validation and crystallisation of operational plans prepared in view of the emerging threat environment,” a military spokesman said about the exercise being held at the National Defence University, Islamabad.

The drill is taking place amid renewed fears of chaos and instability in Afghanistan after withdrawal of coalition forces in 2014, continuing internal threat of terrorism and India’s growing regional ambitions.

The military had in its updated version of “Army Doctrine” – which enlists operational priorities of the armed forces – mentioned threat posed by religious extremists and insurgents as the greatest danger to national security.

A senior security official said war games were meant for coming up with a comprehensive response to all threats. He explained that the threat matrix was evolving and transforming. It includes both the internal challenge from terror groups of various shades and the conventional threat of external aggression.

The two-week war games would, therefore, be based on generic scenarios covering the full spectrum of known and potential threats.

The objective of the war games is to assess military tactics, techniques and procedures and to explore strategies for joint operations with other services.

“Operational plans of Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Navy are also being finalised in close coordination with the Army,” the military spokesman said.

Monday’s session of the war games was attended by Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Gen Khalid Shameem Wynne, Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Mohammad Asif Sandila and Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt.