Increase in MDI will destroy industries, should be withdrawn immediately: Atif Ikram

Atif Ikram Shaikh

ISLAMABAD, JUN 25 /DNA/ – President Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Atif Ikram Shaikh has rejected the increase in MDI saying that such measures will destroy industrialization.In these circumstances, when the wheel of the industry is at a standstill, the government should bring such policies to enable the industry to run. We demand that this initiative be withdrawn immediately.

Federation President Atif Ikram said that according to the new table, industrial consumers whose category is B1 will have fixed charges of Rs 1,000 per month,The monthly charges of B2 category industrial consumers have increased by three hundred percent, they will pay two thousand rupees monthly fixed charges, B3 category industrial consumers will pay two thousand rupees monthly fixed charges with an increase of three hundred and thirty five percent. While the monthly charges of B4 category industrial consumers will be 2000 rupees per month with an increase of 355%. After these fixed charges, the entire industry will be closed, more than half of the industry has been closed so far. And will further destroy the industries.

Atif Ikram said that we welcome the decrease of ten rupees per unit for the industries, as a result of which the electricity has decreased from sixteen cents to twelve and a half cents, while the electricity in the region is given to the industrialists and exporters from six to eight cents. Try to reduce this rate further so that we can