Empowering Change: Serena Hotels partners with Behbud Association for Fundraising Gala

Empowering Change: Serena Hotels partners with Behbud Association for Fundraising Gala

ISLAMABAD, JUN 7 /DNA/ – Serena Hotels proudly partnered with the Behbud Association to host a memorable fundraising event under the banner of cultural diplomacy. The event’s proceeds went directly to the Behbud Maternal and Children’s Hospital, a vital institution providing comprehensive healthcare services to mothers and children, enhancing the quality of care within the community.

The evening featured a spectacular fashion show featuring apparel by artisans from Behbud and a mesmerizing musical performance by Saakin, blending entertainment with philanthropy to make a significant impact. Fashion enthusiasts and music lovers were treated to an unforgettable experience, showcasing the stunning dresses and creations of Behbud Association’s skilled artisans. This event highlighted their exceptional craftsmanship, traditional techniques, and unique designs, supporting community development and empowerment.Models on the runway helped bridge the gap between artisans and a broader audience, promoting the preservation of traditional crafts and supporting sustainable livelihoods for the workers involved.

Abida Malik, President of the Behbud Association, expressed, “Our artisans create stunning apparel that illustrates their exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to traditional techniques. These pieces are not just fashion statements but symbols of our cultural heritage. With Serena’s invaluable support for our fundraising efforts, we can channel proceeds towards our hospital project, providing better healthcare facilities and supporting the overall development of our community.”

Serena Hotels recognizes the importance of community development and is committed to playing its part in creating positive change. Supporting initiatives that uplift and empower communities is fundamental to our values. Serena Hotels is proud to stand behind such endeavors, working together towards a brighter future for all.