After roti, bread prices also reduced significantly in Punjab

bread prices

Lahore, MAY 28: After the price of roti, the rate of bread has also seen a notable decrease across Punjab. This price reduction follows a recent cut in the price of naan and roti, bringing much-needed relief to households.

The price of bread has been reduced by Rs50 to Rs70, with the new prices taking immediate effect as per the recently issued notification.

In Lahore, the price of 750 grammes of bread has been reduced from Rs230 to Rs180. The Lahore deputy commissioner has announced that the maximum price for bread weighing up to 400 grammes will now be Rs95.

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Authorities have assured that these new prices will be enforced without delay, ensuring that the benefits of the reduction reach consumers promptly.

On May 23, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz tweeted the new price of roti, which was further reduced and fixed at Rs14. Maryam said the Punjab government had further reduced the price of roti in the province.

The price of roti was fixed at Rs14 in several areas, including Lahore, while in Bahawalpur and Bahawalnagar, the price was fixed at Rs12.

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However, the naanbais in Multan rejected the government’s decision. Despite the government’s efforts to provide relief to citizens through cheap roti, naanbais in Multan were selling roti at the old price. The citizens demanded the government take action to implement its decision and provide relief to the people.

In Multan, naanbais were selling roti at Rs20 and naan at Rs25, despite the government’s fixed price.