Imposing PDM-2 on nation again through daylight robbery on public mandate unacceptable: PTI



ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Spokesperson strongly rejected the ongoing malicious attempts and shameful drama to tamper with the results to convert PTI’s overwhelming majority into minority to impose the people-rejected PDM-2 on the nation once again.

PTI spokesperson, in a strongly-worded statement on Sunday, vehemently denounced the reprehensible plot to deprive people of their true and genuine representatives, as efforts were afoot to steal the public mandate and re-imposed the gang of criminals on the nation.

He made it clear that the people of the country would not accept any such nefarious plan and they would safeguard and protect their mandate come what may.

PTI Spokesperson demanded immediate resignation of Chief Election Commissioner and members of the election watchdog, who worked as main facilitators in the daylight robbery on public mandate.

He said that the Chief Election Commissioner and member of the ECP did not have any right and moral justification to say anymore on their position since they completely failed in performing their constitutional and legal duties, as they even did not have any regard and respect for the constitution and law.

PTI Spokesperson stated that they opened the door to violating the constitution, flouting the law, tarnishing democracy and desecrating the public mandate.

He stated that PTI, being the largest and most popular party in the country, with representation in all four provinces and a decisive public mandate, had the basic constitutional, democratic, moral and political right to form a government.

PTI Spokesperson recalled that the rejected and incompetent PDM group was responsible Pakistan’s prevailing economic and administrative disaster.

He went on to say that inflation-weary people of the country rejected the clique of criminals by taking revenge through their power of vote three days ago by inflicting crushing drubbing on them.

PTI Spokesperson recalled that the PDM 16-month-long inept government compounded the public miseries manifolds, as they skyrocketed the inflation and ruined the fast thriving economy.

He made it clear that the people would neither accept any plan to impose criminals on the country nor PTI would allow it do so in any circumstances.

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