PTI calls top guns resignations as state’s worst example of NAB political use


Crooks were given NROs by amending NAB law: PTI spokesperson

ISLAMABAD: /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) spokesperson termed that the resignations of the topmost officers of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) one after another as the worst example of political use of the anti-corruption watchdog at the hands of the state.

PTI spokesperson reacted to the resignations of Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Prosecutor General of the accountability bureau and said that corruption was the biggest problem currently facing the country.

He said that the state circles, who were hell-bent on worst political engineering, had always been used the NAB to materialize their nefarious extra-constitutional ambitions.

PTI spokesperson said that corruption was made a source to destroy politics and governance simultaneously, adding that the worst political use of the accountability watchdog was further strengthened after the regime change conspiracy.

He said that the corrupt criminals involved in stealing billions of rupees were given NRO and pardoned all their crimes by amending the NAB law.

PTI spokesperson said that after providing direct benefit to Sharifs and Zardaris through NAB amendments, the bureau was used to target the country’s most effective voice against corruption and Chairman PTI Imran Khan.

He recalled that after the resignation of Aftab Sultan, NAB Chairman was made a person who had no respect for the law, who acted upon the extra-constitutional orders of the state elements and unlawfully arrested PTI Chairman from the premises of Islamabad High Court on May 9.

PTI spokesperson stated that the anti-corruption watchdog’s senior officers were being harassed for their refusal to provide assistance in unconstitutional and unlawful acts.

He went on to say that the resignations of the Prosecutor General and Deputy Chairman one after another were the clear manifestations of the criminal thinking in the bureau.

PTI spokesperson said that after giving NRO to the certified criminals, the NAB would not be succeeded in its nefarious designs to implicate the hones and righteous leader of the nation in the cruel and politically-motivated cases.

He vowed that PTI believed in the accountability bureau completely transparent and free from state influence under the constitution and law.

PTI spokesperson said that PTI would strengthen the accountability system by making NAB completely free from political influence after coming into power so as only to hold accountable the real criminals of the nation.

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