IPS to represent Pakistan in moot of energy transition think tanks in Johannesburg



Islamabad: Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) will be representing Pakistan in the annual meeting of the International Network of Energy Transition Think Tanks (INETTT) in Johannesburg, South Africa from September 3-9, 2023, hosted by Agora Energiewende – a project of Smart Energy for Europe Platform gGmbH from Berlin, Germany, in collaboration with Public Affairs Research Institute (PARI), South Africa.

IPS will be represented by its General Manager (Operations) Naufil Shahrukh, in the moot that will allow the network’s members to reconnect and engage in thematic and institutional discussions and activities within the network and with other actors of South African energy transition scene.

The meeting will be followed by a workshop, mapping and cross-checking INETTT members work areas, defining and increasing impact of their work on decision-making, building institutional capacities to handle the workload and support impact-making, field trips to projects sites, and understanding South African energy transition context as well as the new INETTT governance paradigm.

It may be noted that this will be the first international meeting and workshop of the international network, featuring think tanks from across the world which are working on renewable energy transition in form of policy research, dialogue and interventions.

Having collaborated with Agora in three research studies on renewable and clean energy transition in the past and also given its established profile in the said domain, IPS is the only think tank from Pakistan invited to be part of this important initiative that will lay foundations for the plans, strategies and future courses of action for the international network

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