PAF JF-17 Thunder participates in Multi-National Air Exercise at Egypt


ISLAMABAD, Sep 02 (DNA): The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) contingent will
showcase its exceptional capabilities at the Multi-national Air Exercise
“Bright Star 2023” that kicked off at the Mohammed Naguib Military Base,
Egypt alongside its JF-17 Thunder fighter jets, dedicated air and ground

Originally established as a bilateral training event between the United
States and Egypt during the Camp David Accord of 1977, Bright Star
Exercise has evolved into a significant multi-national endeavor, a PAF
news release said on Saturday.

Since 1995, nations from around the world have been invited to
participate in the mega exercise, transforming it into one of the
largest and most intricate joint air force exercises globally.

The exercise aimed to promote interoperability among the participating
nations, fostering shared learning opportunities.

Designed to simulate realistic aerial warfare scenarios, Exercise Bright
Star provides an invaluable opportunity for participating Air Forces to
assess their operational readiness in real-time.

Over the course of two weeks, the exercise will bring together air,
naval, and ground assets of the participating nations in the desert
terrain of North-West Cairo, Egypt. A total of 34 countries including
Pakistan, the United States of America, India, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
Greece and Qatar will be participating in this prestigious event.

In light of the complex security environment and contemporary strategic
challenges, exercises like Bright Star 2023 enable the Pakistan Air
Force to enhance its interoperability with friendly nations. Apart from
strengthening military relations, this exercise will facilitate the
practice of integrated employment of combat and combat support assets.
It will also provide an opportunity to formulate and validate tactics
against contemporary threats, ensuring preparedness for any future

Pakistan Air Force looks forward to contributing to the success of this
multinational exercise. Through such endeavors, PAF reaffirms its
commitment to regional stability, international cooperation, and the
continuous development of own capabilities. DNA

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