Hulu swings the axe on ‘The Great’


One of the top shows on Hulu, The Great, has found itself axed despite clocking in hefty viewership numbers and scores of laurels.

Without explaining why, the streamer dropped the bomb on the period drama fans on August 30, merely three months after the last season premiere, per Deadline.

Helmed by Tony McNamara and starring top actors Ellie Fanning and Nicholas Hoult in lead roles, the hit series explores the Russian empress Catherine the Great life and reign via a comedic lens.

Meanwhile, the historical satirical drama is feted with seven Emmy nominations and bagged one for Outstanding Period Costumes in 2022.

Swooned critics with her awe-struck performance, the 25-year-old also netted prestigious nominations, including Primetime Emmy and Golden Globes.

After the shocker, The Great fans expressed their anger and disappointment on the internet.

“Hulu failed to market this show correctly and it’s so sad because it’s truly one of the best shows,” one fan commented.“What? I guess we’re cancelling Emmy nominated shows now,” another added.

“I hope those two get to do more shows or films together in the future. They had wonderful chemistry and timing,” a third user referred to the series leads.