Rates of bread increased in Attock


Qazi Shoaib Khan, District Correspondent  Attock

ATTOCK (JAN-08): /DNA/ – The oven operators of Attock have also increased the rates of bread of their own choice in flagrant violation of  the approved rates of the District Administration. While, the ovens owners are also enjoying the exemption of subsidized flour being supplied from the local millers in pursuance of the policy guidelines of the Punjab Government to provide bread to its people at low rates.

However, the President Nan bai Association Attock Nadir Khan, General Secretary Usman Qureshi led by their patron chief Mr. Zulfikar Khan Bhutto told that the old rates will be maintained soon as the prices of wheat flour and fine are decreased.

The consumers of the district told this scribe on Sunday,  the oven operators are charging breads under the garb of shortage of wheat flours as well as price racketeering of gas and wood in line with other parts of the country. They complaint that they are being forced to purchase breads 100 grams on Rs.20, Non plan of 120 grams for Rs.25, Kulcha Tilwala special Rs. 30, Afghani bread  25, Aaloopratha Rs.50, Roghani Nan Rs.50, Tandoori Pratha Rs.50, Tawa Pratha Rs.60 respectively. The aggrieved consumers demanded of the Chief Minister Punjab to interfere in the matter in the best interest of the public.