Vietnam keen to promote bilateral trade with Pakistan


KARACHI, NOV 29 (DNA) — Head of Vietnam Trade Mission, Ms. Nguyen Thi Diep Ha, while showing keen interest in promoting bilateral trade with Pakistan, and strengthen the ties between the business community of the two countries, has said that the trade mission will fully cooperate with Pakistani exporters and Trade exhibitions will also be organized for enhancing mutual trade.

The Head of Trade Mission, had held a meeting with a delegation of Pakistan Yarn Merchants Association (PYMA), led by Senior Vice Chairman Sohail Nisar with a delegation comprising Saqib Naseem, Saqib Goodluck, Farhan Ashrafi, Altaf Haroon and Hasan Sohail.

She urged that business-to-business meetings should be arranged to promote bilateral trade, and also to identify items that have wide opportunities for export & import in Pakistan and Vietnam, which will significantly help in increasing bilateral trade between Pakistan and Vietnam.

In order to materialize the great potentials of yarns and fibre businesses between Pakistan and Vietnam, Head of Trade Mission said PYMA to send delegations to Vietnam and sign an MOU with Vietnam Cotton and Spinning Association (VCOSA).

“PYMA to draw the attention of Trade Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) to the importance of yarns and fibre businesses in Pakistan’s economy and exports for TDAP’s supports for promotional activities in Vietnam.

PYMA to draw the attention of the Embassy of Pakistan in Hanoi to the importance of yarns and fibre businesses in Pakistan’s economy and exports for the Embassy’s supports, especially in providing market information and settling business disputes.”

“To promote Business Activities between Pakistan & Vietnam Trade Exhibitions & Business Meetings will be arranged in Near Future.” PYMA members agreed to create maximum trade facilitation to promote trade activities between Pakistan, Vietnam. The delegation also assured cooperation in bringing the business community of the two countries closer and conducting B2B meetings.

“We will play vital role in the arrival of Vietnam businessmen in Karachi and holding business meetings with counterparts, and Cooperate for exhibitions in both countries”, PYMA delegation wished. =DNA