ANF seizes over 3000 kg drug, arrests 32 drug pushers


ISLAMABAD, Nov 29 (DNA): Anti-Narcotics Force seized 3000.65 kilograms of drugs and 4820 Liters of Prohibited chemicals worth US$ 44.046 million and arrested 32 drug pushers including two women during 34 counter-narcotics operations throughout the country.

According to a spokesperson of ANF, the force during the operation had also impounded 10 vehicles being used for the smuggling of the drug across the country.

Sharing the details, he said, the ANF seized drugs comprised 2245.200 Kg Opium, 40.282 Kg Heroin, 703.691 Kg Hashish, 10.538 Kg Methamphetamine (Ice), 0.028 Kg Weed, 0.811 Kg Alprazolam Tablets (6400 x Tabs), 0.100 Kg Diazepam Tablets (500 x Tramadol Tabs), 3795x Liters Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) and 1025 Liters Acetic Anhydride (of AA).

In Balochistan, the force recovered 2583.986 Kg of drugs including 3795 liters of Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) and 1025 liters  (AA) in 8 operations and arrested two persons in drug smuggling while seizing two vehicles. The seized drugs comprised 2100 Kg Opium, 30 Kg Heroin, 453 Kg Hashish, 0.986 Kg Methamphetamine (Ice) 3795 Liters Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) and 1025 Liter (AA).

The force, in Punjab, recovered 168.276 Kg of drugs in 8 operations while arresting 11 persons including one woman in drug smuggling and seized 3 vehicles. The seized drugs comprised 20.4 kg Opium 1.500 Kg Heroin, 143.245 Kg Hashish, 2.32 kg Methamphetamine and 0.811 Kg Alprazolam tablets (6400xof  Tabs).

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the ANF recovered 242.016 Kg drugs in 8 operations while arrested   1 persons in drug smuggling and seized 5 vehicles. The seized drugs comprised 124.800 kg Opium 6.71 Kg Heroin, 106.006 Kg Hashish and 4.5 kg Methamphetamine. In Sindh province, the force recovered 1.530 Kg drugs in two operations while 3 persons arrested in drug smuggling .The seized drugs comprised 1.530 Kg Heroin. The ANF North

recovered 4.842 Kg drugs in 8 operations, arrested 5 persons in drug smuggling including 1 woman. The seized drugs comprised 0.542 Kg Heroin, 1.440 Kg Hashish, 2.732 Methamphetamine (Ice), 0.028 Kg Weed, 100 Grams Diazepam Tablets (500 x Tabs).

The cases have been registered at respective ANF Police Station.=DNA